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We provide scaffolding and hands on

support anywhere in the world

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Our scaffolding attaches to the ICF wall

during construction and therefore, is safer,

faster and the builder is able to build taller

(up to 125') without additional engineering.

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Getting your base frames level and keeping

your verticals standards with channels plumb

is the key to adjusting your wall with little effort.

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The 4 narrow openings in the rosette automatically
center the ledgers at right angles - the 4 wide
openings permit the alignment of the ledgers
and diagonal braces at the required angle.
Up to 8 components can be connected to one rosette.

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Our team has perfected a complete ICF scaffold system, making it fast,
effective and simple to build ICF walls up to 50 feet tall and beyond.


Projects to Date (and Growing)
63 projects


Total Countries To Date
3 countries


Estimated Delivery Time
14 Days!

ONLY One in The World

We are the ONLY tall-wall scaffolding in the world. There are losts of all-around scaffold providers, which we also have in our inventory, but it is our tall wall components that make us unique.

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We have certification in Fall Protection, Train the Trainer and several other ICF installation certs. Because we want you to get the most cost effective solution for your scaffolding needs we provide onsite training.

The Complete ICF Solution

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